Sunday, December 30, 2012

We Can Dream, Can't We?

Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Almost the end of the calendar year and time to make resolutions. I have finally wiped from my slate the one so many people make about body size. I took it on as the project of the year in 2012, and I am ready to move on. I have been dealing with the reality of aging this year, for myself only in minor changes and discomforts, but around me so many others in serious and final ways. It has come to me that what is most important to change in myself is the way I think about what I am doing with the precious time left. And so, the overriding resolution of 2013 will be to let go the need to please, the need to prove myself. Be pleasing, that's fine; improve myself, of course. But stop caring about measuring up. Just do and enjoy. Be there for others when I can, share and listen, but most of all be kind to myself. It won't be easy. It's an old habit, but I intend to break it down.

In the spirit of getting on with it, I have decided to give you more photos and less talk this installment. So on an "almost wordless" Sunday (as I note many bloggers like to label their quiet days) here is the third installment of my Spanish odyssey. It takes place on the Atlantic coast (with a brief visit to Pamplona), at the resort town of San Sebastian (also know as Donostia), in Basque country. A Spanish place, yet, with its own language, style and traditions. We spent two days in the luxuriantly appointed hotel to the stars, Maria Cristina, and just wandered the town, felt the heat of summer, touched upon the ancient history and culture, but only just enough, and basically enjoyed our time as we would on a "relax-cation" instead of a tour.

First a sneak peek at where we enjoyed the elegant life.

Dream accomodations

Just a corner of the massive twinkly bath

Urumea River leads to the Atlantic
Am I Really Here?

Our lovely new friends

Still life with red wine

Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice (would fit in this one)
But first, along the way from the Pyrenees, we stop for a "tourist" lunch and a tour of old town Pamplona/Iruna.
A beautiful town under the most blue of skies

Tapas and beer outside

Golden inside Cafe Iruna

Playing tourist with "Papa"

Street art 

At the gates of the bullring

Tradition in Pamplona/Iruna
On our full day in San Sebastian we tour the old town on foot.

Following the "Whisper", then off to see a town full of  color, activity, fun and surprises

We chance upon a race

The inner harbor

Tournament in the park

Glorious Gazebo

I'll take the tall one

Traditional Basque entertainment on a Saturday morning in the government plaza. The treat of many civil and church weddings to behold.

Evidence of a violent coup

Click clack, splish splash

Touring the streets of endless tapas (pintxos) restaurants

This interesting historic architectural style is echoed in the building of the new arts center across the river from the hotel

Those fake bullet marks are a modern remembrance of the revolution

We walked far and wide but we didn't climb

The water was captivating

I played my star turn

David posed too

Like a jar full of jelly beans

A town so full of life and motion

...and real life

...and modest beauty

Part of the ancient town wall 

Finally getting up the nerve to order pinxos and beer. Pretty yum.

So pretty, so fresh, so endless

Modern design in an ancient town

Setting up for an all night party (right across the river from our hotel!)

Must have had a reason, right?

The same Atlantic I grew up on, but from the opposite shore.

Elevator elegance

Coffee hour in the most elegant bar I've ever had the
pleasure to spend an hour. (Note the same crest on the coffee cup.)

Dinner for two at eight in a "booked" restaurant.
 (Booked for ten o'clock, that is!)

End of a magical visit. We'll be back if we can.

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