Monday, December 6, 2010

Pssst! I Wanna Show You Something

As usual I had a story to tell this week. I'd have liked for it to have the beginning, middle, and end it deserves. I'd prefer there be a bit of a philosophical bend and some humor to make it enjoyable. But just now I want to share a little part of the tale, even if it is out of order and not so slickly conceived. The story is this...

I am excited about this art thing. I have finished a first drawing/painting class with some good work and the confidence that I can continue to grow, and I have made a promise to myself (and you) that I will continue this journey...and I am! I have joined the Yahoo group EverydayMatters (EDM) which is an offshoot of Danny Gregory's book by that name. I have taken my "ink only" sketchbook on a weekend out of town, and drawn...twice! And today I have taken my first EDM weekly challenge subject and painted a page in my Moleskine sketchbook which has been waiting patiently for my return since August. I am on a roll. 

I am the first to admit that my sketches are pretty rough and that the journal page made use of media I am unskilled in or that didn't work as well on the paper as I would have liked.  Even so, I am thrilled to have done these things. I am sharing them with you to prove that I am doing this drawing thing for the experience of seeing my world in a new light, and not because I expect to be a critically acclaimed talent from day one. 

Comfortably ensconced in the window seat of my hotel room on the eleventh floor overlooking some excellent downtown Chicago views

The Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower)
is central to this particular view.

The sketch: making the best of a very complex subject and done in a very short time.

The magic window seat is inside those curtains. 

I drew this view the following morning when the robe was on the chair. The heavy curtains are partly opened with a view to the window seat through the dotted sheers.

As members of the "frequent users club" at Kimpton hotels, we usually receive a little gift. This last trip we could "raid" the mini bar for $10 worth of goods (up to two items). This tiny stuffed goldfish represents the Monaco pet friendly policy. Since we don't travel with a pet, we always ask for a goldfish for our room. We call her Fiona, since that was the name of our fish in Portland's Monaco the first time we stayed there. (The Chicago hotel has never named our fish so we just carry on the tradition on our own.)

The EDM challenge this week was to draw something "cute".
The seal is a simplified version of the Monaco symbol.
So there you go. This is me unsupervised, but still connected. Hoping to hear from some of the EDM bunch. Hoping those of you who haven't yet signed up to follow this blog will do so. Please leave comments if you care to, even on the older entries. I enjoy hearing what you have to say, and knowing that doing this is meaningful to someone beside myself. (Although I'd happily write it even if no one was else was reading.)

Next time, the tale of a fun weekend in a winter wonderland.


  1. Your work is so great to look over--I love the way you see and what you catch on paper..!

  2. Welcome to the club! Love the sketches, and I really like Fifi =)

  3. You're off to a great start, the hotel room came out well and you goldfish is perfect for the challenge 'cute'. I'm still trying to work out why you get a goldfish in the hotel room...maybe I missed something :)

  4. Well done!! The goldfish is darn cute!!

  5. You sketches have a lot of personality--I especially like the corner of the room with your robe on the chair.

  6. Welcome. Hope you will love the time you spend here.

  7. Wonderful, Cheryl! Keep on making is a practice that is part of your life.

  8. Wow - what a start!! Love your blog - and the photo behind. I especially like the sketch inside the hotel room. Great fun isn't it? I think your first colored moleskine page is great! (ps - I am wondering if you have the right moleskine, since you complained of how the watercolor worked on it. Moleskine makes one especially for watercolors - hope you have the right one.) Finally, a gold fish in a hotel room - so cool - who'd have thought it?

  9. Great sketches. Don't sell yourself short. These are great! A very belated welcome to EDM, too. :)