Friday, October 29, 2010

The Year of Technology and Hippos

What has become "The Year I Returned to Art" started out as "The Year of Technology."  In my household there is the member who researches stuff--computers, cameras, antivirus software, whatever. Then there's the member who uses the stuff that gets purchased. To be fair, to really use the stuff one must have projects. Ironically, household engineers tend to be busy fixing things, like replacing the reverse osmosis water system. This generally requires old school tools, like wrenches. Technology driven projects tend to be the domain of the arty ones, especially if they have the time and temperament for play. So in our household, either you know stuff and keep life running smoothly, or you use techno stuff, and create things.

I bought a new computer three years ago, yet was so busy making stuff from nothing that two years later I still hadn't found the time to learn some of the basic upgrades in the bells and whistles. With January resolutions, out came the "dummy" manuals. That thrilling read lasted about a week. After all, how can you really learn a techno system without an interesting task?  Far more fun to play on Facebook, Pandora or YouTube. Gradually came the realization that Internet playtime was actually teaching me a lot beside how to raise the bar on my techno savvy.

I'm learning that these new found social connections can have long term meaning when they bring me back to the things that truly matter.  Like connections to real people--not necessarily people who are physically in my life, but those whose presence in my day improves my life. People like you, dear readers! And discovering interests that don't only amuse for a moment, but attach like a magnet to the place inside where resides the essential "ME."  What is my "ART" if not the expression of "ME"?

As the year 2010 starts to wind down, I can say it started with a mac, but will likely end with a mac, a paintbrush, and inspiration. What a year; what a great start! Oh, the hippos? That's another story altogether.

A couple of my muses and my favorite new brush keep mac company


  1. Did I already know we had hippo love in common?

  2. I did mention it in our class in August, 'cause I was pretty amazed that you chose to do a hippo themed journal page for your demo. What do you think it means to be into hippos? I don't know anyone else who understands my feelings.

  3. I think they are amazing, they swim and are weightless and they walk. They have substance and lightness of being... What do you think?

  4. They remind me of buddhas. Round and quiet and wise. Imparting wisdom through their strength and knowing, but not by words. You have to listen through your own heart to hear it...Or maybe that's just CRAP? After forty years of collecting them, I still don't know why. Love is mysterious.

  5. How dare you admit Facebooking could be productive! Don't you know it's killing us all every moment?